Random Things About Chris

  1. Larry Bird is my half-cousin. I see him at least once a year at a family reunion.
  2. I have a tattoo of Mrs. Butterworth on my left butt cheek.
  3. I went to Cuba in high school for a international peace concert. I shook Castro's hand.
  4. I was on 3 episodes of MTV's The Real World.
  5. I was an extra on Legally Blonde 2 - Red White and You.
  6. When I lived in Seattle, I tripped and skinned my knee on Jimmy Hendrix's headstone.
  7. I've run the last 3 miles of 6 major marathons. One time it qualified me for Boston.
  8. I was detained by Seattle Center security for throwing shrimp tails off the Space Needle at a Live.com Christmas party.
  9. The girl I had my first date with in high school is now living in Federal Witness Protection. (not because she knows me though)
  10. I was ruffed up once by Mike Tyson's security posse. This was when I was in Las Vegas for CES.
  11. In college, I took a shower with Shawn Bradley and Ty Detmer at the same time.
  12. At a Windows Hockey team practice, I checked Wayne Gretsky (our celeb coach) into the boards. He said I hit like a girl.
  13. While traveling for Microsoft, I was talking to Carrot Top in the airport terminal before our leg from Dallas to New York. He bought my way up to first class so I could help him fix his Windows problems on his laptop.
  14. I wrote a skit once and sent it to Saturday Night Live. They used it two weeks later.
  15. I've had 36 jokes published in Reader's Digest.
  16. Jay Leno has read 4 headlines that I have sent in to him.
  17. Tech TV was trying to buy the rights to a short story that I wrote about working at Microsoft. They went bankrupt before the deal could be finalized.
  18. I stole a garden gnome from the home of Sir Mixalot while living in Seattle the Christmas of 1999.
  19. While living in Texas, I changed Kristen Armstrong's flat tire for her. Lance Armstrong bought me lunch at a Tex-Mex restraunt that afternoon to thank me.
  20. I have seen the band Heart 12 times in concert because Nancy Wilson's daughter is friends with my wife. (I loved living in Seattle)
  21. My uncle who lives in Miami is the police officer who arrested Pee Wee Herman at the "theater".
  22. I actively maintain 7 different blogs.
  23. I hold the Orem Sensuous Sandwich 24" eating record a 1:56.
  24. I can chug a 2 liter of Mug Root Beer in 37 seconds.
  25. In 2003 I was the Western States (west of the Mississippi) Yahoo Fantasy Football Champion. (out of around 6 million)